Use Consumer Financing to Bring in More Customers

Are you looking for a way to increase traffic and keep your customers coming back? If you haven’t considered consumer financing, now may be the time. Summit Funding Solutions provide consumer finance options for companies of all sizes and in all types of industries.

Benefits to Your Customers and Clients

Perhaps you’re wondering why customers would be interested in a credit card with your company. In fact, there are quite a few reasons. Especially if you sell big ticket items or offer services to other businesses, customers will appreciate access to a revolving line of credit that allows them to purchase what they need and pay it off over time. Each step from the application process to making payments is quick and convenient and the services provided are always secure and dependable.

Benefits to Your Business

Of course, your company also benefits from offering customers consumer financing. Regardless of how large your company is or how long you have been in business, providing lines of credit includes several benefits:

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Increases new customer base
  • Keeps established customers coming back

You’ll be able to provide customers with a range of financing options. Working with Summit Funding Solutions means you’ll have an excellent support system behind you that includes training, E-signature abilities, customer support and help with the collection of bad debt.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to offer consumer finance options to your clients or customers, talk to Summit Funding Solutions. We’ll help you get started.