Resources to Help Conquer Your Individual Sector

When your work involves securing, distributing or supplying pre-sold goods, then the challenges that you encounter will often differ from other companies. In many cases, your problems don’t lie in trying to secure new orders; rather, there is often plenty of business within your sector to go around. It’s expanding your operations to meet those needs that often proves to be difficult. However, we here at Summit Funding Solutions have the tool you need to overcome your obstacles to growth.

Our Purchase Order Financing Tools

We feature a Purchase Order Financing program that allows you to obtain funding through tools such as:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Trade financing on import and export transactions
  • Production financing for orders already in progress

These tools use your existing PO’s as collateral to help get you the resources needed to fill and deliver current orders on time while also allowing you the financial flexibility needed to seek out new business and expand your market share.

Big orders from new clients are out there just waiting for you to find; you simply need the resources to secure them. The Purchase Order Financing program we offer at Summit Funding Solutions will ensure that you have the capital needed to enjoy such growth without sacrificing your ability to fill your existing customers’ orders. To learn more about this and the many other financing options that we offer, call us today.