Your Ticket to SBA Financing

Almost every entrepreneur encounters the same challenge in the earliest days of their companies’ operations: the lack of a reliable source of funding. Some are forced to sell off equity to venture capital firms in order to get the financial support they need. While that provides them with money, it also forces them to add more voices to their ownership group, which ultimately means less control over their businesses. If you run a startup that is struggling financially, a better way may be to research the small business loan options available to you. We at Summit Funding Solutions can provide you with access to such resources.

SBA Loan Details

As a small business owner, you already have a willing finance partner just waiting to work with you in the federal government. The SBA loan program can get you up to $5 million to help place your business on firm financial ground. That may come through consolidating your existing debt, buying an ownership stake in an already existing company, or outfitting your small business with brand new equipment. An SBA loan can also be useful in securing new commercial properties such as:

  • Single-purpose facilities
  • Motels, hotels and other hospitality locations
  • Auto service stations

The SBA prequalification process takes as little as 48 hours. Loan terms can be extend out to anywhere between 15-25 years, with fixed rates on financing packages designed to cover up to 80-90 percent of your purchase.

Why let the future of your company languish in uncertainty when there are already so many resources out there just waiting to be taken advantage of? Our goal here at Summit Funding Solutions is to help small businesses such as yours enjoy the full benefits of financing options such as SBA loans. Our exclusive relationships with a vast array of SBA-approved lenders assures that you’ll get your money faster than you ever thought possible. To get your loan application started, contact us today.