Own a Piece of Your Favorite Company

Have you been considering investing in an existing company and becoming a franchisee? Just like any other type of business, acquiring a franchise requires startup capital. Summit Financial Solutions offers a range of franchise financing options to help you become a business owner and help your franchise thrive.

How to Use the Capital You Receive

Running a franchised business typically has more requirements than owning a company that is uniquely yours. You can use the capital you receive from franchise financing in several ways.

  • Remodel your property to keep up with changed branding
  • Purchase new inventory to create new products
  • Purchase new properties
  • Buy new equipment
  • Acquisitions
  • Refinancing options

What We Offer

Summit Funding Solutions offers a pre-qualification process to help you get the financing you need more quickly. This pre-qualification comes with no obligation. In addition, we provide affordable interest rates, long repayment terms and fast closing and commitments. Should you decide to repay your loan early, you will pay no penalties for doing so.

Find Out More Today

Are you ready to learn more about franchising from an established brand? Allow Summit Funding Solutions to help you determine which options best fit your needs so that you can become the business owner you have always dreamed of being.