Help in Covering the Cost of Providing Clinical Care

As a healthcare provider, the challenges that you face in delivering outstanding care to your patients are always changing. Yet one obstacle that remains that same for almost all clinicians are the financial issues inherent with a career in patient care. Couple those struggles with the constantly evolving guidelines regarding health services reimbursement, and it becomes easy to see why so many providers seem to struggle financially. Fortunately, we at Summit Funding Solutions are here to help you avoid and overcome these challenges.

How Our Medical and Healthcare Financing Programs Can Help You

We offer several financing packages designed specifically for doctors, dentists, chiropractors and veterinarians through our Healthcare and Medical financing programs. These tools can secure you as much as $250,000 to help meets expenses such as:

  • Establishing a new clinic in a new area
  • Buying into an already existing practice
  • Outfitting your clinic with new equipment
  • Expanding your facilities

We can even offer you financing options that simply provide you with working capital to help meet your operating costs. Loans secured through these programs carry terms of up to 72 months with no prepayment penalties whatsoever.

With our Medical and Healthcare Financing programs, our goal is to allow you to keep your primary focus fixed on the well-being of your patients. With the funds made available through these financing tools, you’ll be able to meet all of the financial demands of your practice without straining your own resources. To get more details on how this program can help your clinic, contact one of our commercial finance professionals today.