A Resource for All Financial Services Brokers

The tales of enormously high sales commission and successful high-stakes negotiations were no doubt among the main reasons why you chose a career as a financial services broker. Yet many of those who’ve come before you have learned the hard way that such success is only achievable if you have the right firm supporting you. Far too many skilled brokers have seen their efforts go to waste due to a lack of such assistance. Fortunately, we here at Summit Funding Solutions can help ensure that your career never experiences such doldrums.

The Benefits of Being a Part of Our Team

When you choose to work for our team, you’ll enjoy a direct association with one of the most respected and trusted brands in the commercial finance industry. Plus, you’ll have access to one of the largest networks of public and private lenders in the business to help consummate your clients’ deals. As those deals are completed, your hard work will be rewarded through our outstanding benefit program. As you continue in your career with us, you’ll discover plenty of networking opportunities as well as chances to collaborate with other bright-minded professionals in your region.

We’re always on the lookout for talented professionals from across the country to join our ranks. Because of our extensive reach, we can allow you to work from almost anywhere while still having immediate access to our many resources.

The Ideal Partner for Independent Brokers

If you prefer to operate independently yet still are in need of a financing partner to help fund your clients’ transactions, we’d be happy to fill such a role. Other independent brokers in your same position have enjoyed their associations with us due to our commitment to providing benefits such as:

  • Assistance in helping your clients secure the right financing packages
  • Industry leading referral rates and finders fees
  • Unwavering loyalty to you as a referral partner.

Working in the commercial finance industry can be both financially and professionally rewarding provided you are in the right situation. You’ll find such an opportunity when you choose to work with us at Summit Funding Solutions. We offer countless benefits to both our contracted brokers and our referral partners. To put those same advantages to work for your career, contact us today to learn more about our Referral and Broker program.